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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do we register players so early?
A. Our league registration numbers determine the number of Managers we choose, uniforms we order, the amount of new equipment we must purchase and the number of practice and playing fields we must reserve. This all takes time and is done by volunteers. We must register children by January in order to get them on the playing field that Spring. Teams are formed in February, practice starts as early as March (weather permitting), and games start in April for most leagues.

Q. What is Little League Age?
A. We have a baseball table and a softball table to help you determine your child's Little League age.

Q. Can my child play with his/her friends?
A. Teams in Quick Ball to Machine Pitch are organized by a volunteer player agent. Therefore, children can request that they be placed on a team with a "buddy". We will do our best to satisfy that request but there is no guarantee.  Upper division teams (Minors, Majors, Juniors etc...) are picked by draft. This is done in a effort to make all the teams as evenly balanced as possible. Your child may or may not play with their friends but they will make many new friends during the season. Siblings playing in the same division are always placed on the same team if desired.

Q. Can my child play up?
A: For upper divisions (AAA and above), players are placed in divisions based on both age and ability. For lower divisions, players are placed in divisions primarily by age. If a few players of one age need to play up in order to create an even distribution of players on teams, those players are selected based on ability and not player request, although a player may decline to play up.

Q. When do Practices start?
A. Practices can begin in March (weather permitting) and run through the season. The practice schedule will be communicated by the Team manager once teams are formed. This will occur in March. The older (Jr/Sr) divisions run a bit later than this.

Q. When do games begin?
A. Games begin in early April and run through the end of the school year and Districts and Tournaments can run into July. The game schedule will be communicated by the team manager after teams are formed and the schedule is made.

Q. How often and what days are practices and games?
A. Number of meetings (games and practices) varies by division and age. The days and times will be communicated by the manager after teams are formed and the schedules are finalized.

Q. What happens if I register my child late?
A. We want to ensure that every child who wants to play can do so. However, players who register will be charged a late fee and may be put on a waiting list to await team placement. This applies particularly to players 9 and older. Please register as early as possible so that we can plan for team managers and team size.

Q. Can I get a refund?
A. Refunds are subject to a $25 administration fee, $50 after the teams are formed, and no refunds are available after the season starts. Please keep in mind that Uniforms, supplies, insurance are all paid for early in the year.

Q. What equipment will my child need?
A. Players in the all divisions will need to supply their own glove, pants, and socks. Cleats (rubber) are recommended. Your coach will recommend the color of pants and socks to purchase. All players receive a team hat and jersey. Each manager is given catchers gear and batting helmets, players are encouraged to bring their own equipment if desired.

Q. How do I volunteer?
A. As we are a volunteer organization, your help is greatly appreciated. Please contact any Board member or view the Get Involved tab at the top of the page.

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