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Game Rules

  1. The visiting team is responsible for setting up the pitching machine and putting it away.
  2. Visiting team gets the field one half hour before the start of the game for 15 minutes.
  3. Home team gets the field 15 minutes before the start of the game for 15 minutes.
  4. The team with players in the field must supply a coach/parent to back up the catcher in an attempt to keep the game moving. This individual is also responsible for making sure the pitcher is positioned correctly.
  5. The Visiting team is responsible for supplying two new balls for each game.
  6. Although a scorebook is supplied to each team, it is for keeping track of the batting order only. No score is to be kept and no winner or loser declared.
  7. All players present will bat.
  8. The side batting is retired after 3 outs or 9 batters.
  9. There are no walks except as described in the Kid Pitch section of these rules
  10. There are no free bases for being hit by a pitch except as described in the Kid Pitch section of these rules
  11. 3 strikes and you are out -- coaches should strongly encourage the batters to swing at balls that are around the plate and not wait for the “Perfect Pitch”. During games, latitude is granted to managers to mutually agree that some or all hitters are allowed an extra strike, particularly early in the season. A batter is out even if the catcher drops the 3rd strike.
  12. There is no bunting, stealing, or infield fly rule
  13. There are no head first slides. Players should be discouraged from sliding headfirst and should be called “out” by their own coach.
  14. Runner must attempt to slide to avoid a collision ands should be call “out” if they do not.
  15. The base runner is not allowed to leave the base until the ball is hit. Players that leave the base before the ball is hit should be warned and be required to return to the original base. The runner should be called out if he continues to leave early.
  16. Base runners may advance until the ball is the infield. The infield is from the area where the infield dirt meets the outfield grass to the backstop and includes any foul ground along the third and first base lines
  17. 9 players are allowed at one time on defense. Three outfielders, four infielders, a pitcher, and a catcher.

Local Rules

Particular areas that should be emphasized are:


  • Be sure that all players hit in different spots in the order throughout the year.
  • For those that are having trouble hitting, encourage good swings and at-bats, not just hits. Work on being selective and making contact – stress swinging at balls in or near the strike zone and lay off pitches that cannot be hit.
  • Batters may not throw bats under any circumstances. A player’s coach should warn any player for unintentionally throwing a bat that they will be called out if they continue to do so. Players who are called out for throwing a bat learn to stop the habit with surprising quickness.

Base Running

  • Emphasis should be placed on the development of proper base running habits, not scoring runs. This includes:
  • Knowing the situation – outs and lead runners
  • Leaving base in fly ball/ground ball situations
  • Making the base turns properly
  • Using the base-coaches instead of looking for the ball.
  • Causing confusion by sending runners while the ball is being fielded is not productive or instrumental and should not be encouraged or tolerated.


  • Every player should have a chance to play every position and players should be rotated frequently – preferably every inning. However, in the interest of safety coaches should consider the risk of injury when placing players.
  • Emphasize anticipation of the play and being in ready position when the ball is delivered to the plate.
  • Stress knowing the situation and making the right play – force plays, # or outs, fly ball/ground ball situations.
  • Teach your outfielders to get the ball into the infield as quickly as possible. Base runners cannot advance once the ball is in the infield.
  • Avoid unnecessary throws – stop runners by getting the ball to infield quickly.

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