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The Horsham Little League recommends that each player is placed in their age-appropriate division. The division player agents, in conjunction with the HLL Executive Board of Directors will decide on individual player requests to play in a different division, and the decision is based on the skill level of the player and space available. NOTE: At the discretion of the LL Executive Board Players LL age 8 who request to play in the Minors division MUST ATTEND the evaluation for consideration if an evaluation is being offered. Also, players LL aged 10 who request to play in the Majors MUST ATTEND the evaluation for consideration if the evaluation is offered. Evaluation dates (If evaluations are deemed required) will be announced for players planning to be considered for the Minors and Majors. Evaluation dates will be posted on the website. The registration Process has division charts that show the appropriate division for each age group.

Supplemental Rules

  • RULE 1: Every player who shows up for the game is placed in the batting order. The rule that a batter must bat at least once is a Little League rule which should obviously never come into play since everyone will be in the batting lineup.
  • RULE 2: If a team bats through their entire lineup before three outs the half inning is over. 
  • RULE 3: If a pitcher walks 4 consecutive batters, which can include a hit batter, the pitcher must be removed from the game. Also if a pitcher hits 2 batters in an inning and/or 3 batters in a game they must be removed from pitching.
  • RULE 4: Guest players are allowed from other teams in the same division to fill out a team with less than 9 players. Guest players should bat at the end of the lineup and play in one of the three outfield positions. Guest players are not eligible to play the infield position or pitch. Guest players should NOT be told to leave if regular players show up late to the game and should be allowed to participate in the entire game to its conclusion. The late arriving players should be added to the lineup and put in to the field rotation at Managers discretion.

Girls Local Rules

  1. Game length is six innings.
  2. An official game if losing team has three (3) at bats.
  3. Extra innings are allowed if time permits and both managers agree.
  4. All players must be in the batting lineup at all times.
  5. An inning is three (3) outs, 5 runs or ten (10) batters - whichever comes first.
  6. Each team can bat a maximum of ten batters per inning.
  7. Three strikes is a strikeout; four balls is a walk.
  8. Defense shall consist of a catcher, pitcher, four other infielders, and four outfielders. Outfielders must be positioned in the grass of the outfield.
  9. Runners may advance unlimited bases on an overthrow, except on an overthrow from the catcher on an attempted steal. If an overthrow goes out of bounds, the runner may advance one base.
  10. Players may not advance once the pitcher has control of the ball in the pitchers circle.
  11. The catcher may attempt to throw out runners without penalty. (i.e.,runners may not advance additional bases due to error or overthrow)
  12. The base runner may not attempt to steal until the ball is passed the plate. Stealing is unlimited for second and third base. Stealing home is limited to two SUCCESSFUL steals per inning.
  13. Pitching distance from the pitching rubber to home plate is thirty-five feet.
  14. Bunting is allowed and encouraged but limited to one bunt per player per game. Players may not fake bunt and then swing.
  15. All players must play defensively by the third inning.
  16. All players must play a minimum of six (6) consecutive outs in the field and bat at least one time.
  17. Pitchers may not pitch more than 3 innings per game. A pitcher may return to pitch if she has pitched two or less innings. One pitch or more in an inning, constitutes an inning pitched.

Boys Local Rules

Revised on 3/7/17: Click here for a Word document.

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