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  1. Home team is on the 1ST base dugout, away team is on the 3RD base dugout
  2. Game length is 6 innings or 1.5 hours which ever is first. Extra innings are allowed if time permits and both managers agree.
  3. The offense shall have a coach at first and third base. These coaches will also umpire their respective bases. The adult pitcher shall umpire second and home plate. The defensive team will provide a coach behind home plate to help return the balls to the pitcher.
  4. Pitching machines will be used for all games. The machine will be set 35’ from home plate. The speed of the ball should be set between 35-38. It is recommended to start the season at 35 mph and slowly increase the speed as the season and the girl’s skills progress. A safety circle must be painted around the machine. The balls used will be Little League approved 11” softballs. Do not use another type of balls.
  5. All players must be in the batting lineup at all times. All players must play at least 6 consecutive defensive outs. There is free substitution defensively, meaning players may reenter the game at any time between innings at any position but their place in the batting order does not change.
  6. Teams may field 10 defensive players but the 10th player must play the outfield. Outfielders must be positioned in the outfield, meaning each outfield should be at a minimum of 3 feet from the edge of the dirt. The center fielder can not make plays at second base. For example, girl on first, ball hit to the ss, the center fielder can not cover 2nd, the 2nd baseman must cover.
  7. A maximum of 5 pitches will be thrown to each batter, unless the last pitch is fouled, in which case the another pitch is thrown. The batter is retired either by striking out or putting the ball in play. There are no walks.
  8. Bases will be 60’. There are no leads and no stealing of bases; Runners may not leave the base until the ball is hit.
  9. Base runners may advance one base on an overthrow in the infield. If the ball is in play, they do so at their own risk. A runner is free to take an additional base when the ball is in the outfield.
  10. A ball that hits the machine or adult pitcher is a dead ball. If the ball comes to rest inside the circle it is also a dead ball. When a ball is declared a dead ball by the umpire/pitcher runners can only go to the base they were headed to when it became dead.
  11. There is no infield fly rule.
  12. Three outs or a maximum of ten batters constitute a complete half inning:
    1. The ten batter rule is:
      1. Offensive manager must notify the opposing manager that the 10th batter of the inning is batting
      2. There will always be 2 outs whenever the 10th batter comes up.
      3. The batter must put the ball in play, or strike out
      4. When the ball is put in play, base runners can be prevented from advancing by touching any base in front of any runner while in possession of the ball.
      5. The inning is over when the 10th batter is out or can not advance any further.
  13. The play will be considered over when a play is attempted and the ball is in control by an infielder.

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