Boys Rules

  1. Game length is six (6) innings or 2 hours which ever comes first.
  2. All players must be in the batting lineup at all times. A batter can be skipped only due to injury or ejection from the game.
  3. An inning is after all players bat for both teams.
  4. Maximum of five(5)pitches per batter. No walks or hit batters allowed. Exception: no batter shall be called out on a foul ball. After five pitches without a hit, or hitting into an out, or striking out, the batter his off a tee.
  5. The coaches pitch to their own team from the mound area, near or on the pitching rubber. Mild abuses should be tolerated. Excessive abuses should be reported to the umpire.
  6. Base runners leaving the base early will be sent back to their original base, unless they were forced to advance by a batter or runner.
  7. Defense shall consist of a catcher, pitcher, four other infielders, and three outfielders. Outfielders must be positioned in the grass of the outfield.
  8. Once a batted ball is returned to the vicinity of the pitcher’s circle, base runners may not advance. The coach cannot field the ball, and should make every attempt to not interfere with a batted or fielded ball. There is no advance on an overthrow to any base or to the pitcher’s mound
  9. Batters and runners may not advance additional bases on balls thrown into foul territory. Fielders may attempt to make a play on any base runner. Balls thrown back into fair territory allow runners to advance until the ball is returned to the pitcher’s mound.
  10. The HOME team will supply the umpire. The umpire calls ALL outs and his word is final. If he needs help from a coach on a close play, he can request assistance on the call
  11. Bunting is allowed, and encouraged.
  12. Stealing is not permitted.
  13. Team standings are not permitted.
  14. Managers are encouraged to play every player at several different positions.
  15. All players must play defensively by the third inning.
  16. All players must play a minimum of six (6) consecutive outs and the field.

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